Animal Nutrition ingredients have undergone a huge revamp in recent years, and now it is possible to add a broad spectrum of natural and functional health nutrients to a growing number of pet food applications.



Growing Demand for Natural Ingredients in Animal Nutrition

Because pets are like members of the family, they need the same care and attention to their health and diet as humans do. Both excellent physical and mental health have been scientifically linked to optimal nutrition, and subsequently, pet parents are becoming increasingly aware that keeping their four-legged friends away from expensive vet visits begins in the home with natural nutrition as a preventive health approach.

CAIF Nutrition leads the way in the natural pet food trend, placing a strong focus on various naturally sourced whole ingredients, while avoiding those that are heavily processed or otherwise unhealthy. Our goal is to help pet food manufacturers and pet owners alike, by introducing clean, easily digestible and nutritiously balanced diets to their beloved furry friends that will safely support their growth, development, reproduction and cell maintenance for years to come—minus all the fillers, unwelcome by-products, and unhealthy chemicals.