See our first-class selection of non-toxic natural additives that have been scientifically proven to preserve food & beverages while protecting consumers' health

With CAIF Nutrition, you are guaranteed that all the clean label solutions we provide for the protection and safety of food (both human and animal), are the highest quality naturally-sourced antioxidants, antifungals & antimicrobial solutions to extend shelf-life.

Natural Shelf-Life Extension

Current industry research indicates that consumers are now becoming more and more informed about the proven studies that expose the unnatural additives that can be unhealthy, harmful and, at worst, carcinogenic.

To that end, food and beverages that contain chemical preservatives and synthetic sweeteners are not just being given the thumbs down by shoppers, they are also part of a long list of prohibited ingredients in many natural grocers. Fortunately, CAIF Nutrition has already helped and continues to assist many industries, so that they can move away from the old unhealthy shelf life extension practices.

Our clean label solutions for the safety and protection of beverages and food (both human and animal) consist of high-quality natural antioxidants and natural antimicrobial solutions. From the journey of right processing through to the customer’s home, CAIF Nutrition’s products help you keep your labels clean, while at the same time, maintaining the safety and quality of your products.

We offer an unsurpassed spectrum of naturally sourced ingredients featuring: antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant activities – all of which are engineered to extend shelf-life and the product’s sensory delivery (that is to say it’s natural coloring, appearance, aroma, and so on).