Substantial scientific studies show that:  “an increasing number of people continue to face calcium deficiency and diseases associated with calcium deficiency. As a result, more people have increased their calcium intake through supplements based on the advice of doctors or the media” [1]

Why Consumers Needs to Maintain Healthy Levels of the Macro Mineral, Calcium

Bone health is essential for our everyday functioning and optimum living, so it is crucial to realize that 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones & teeth! There is no doubt that a regular intake of calcium is needed for the body to continuously strengthen, regenerate and rebuild the bones. Moreover, this macromineral is vital for keeping the heart muscle pumping and maintaining the transmission of nerve signals. This is because the latter fires cell signals which make muscles contract and get people moving.

Consuming calcium-rich food and beverages, and/or taking easily absorbable supplements, is key to optimum maintenance of the aforementioned systems, as well as a myriad of other functions. Daily recommended intake depends on various factors including age and gender [2]:

- Women who are under 50 years old: require 1,000 mg per day

- Men who are under 71 years old: require 1,000 mg per day

- Women who are over 50 years old: require 1,200 mg per day

- Men who are over 71 years old: require:  1,200 mg per day


Empowering Consumers' Optimum Health With CalGAEATM Marine Calcium

CAIF’s marine calcium from Lithothamnion algae, CalGAEATM, is a top grade, 100% natural form of calcium (generated from red marine algae), which provides a whopping 30% to 36% of calcium, as well as important magnesium content, and a broad multimineral complex. Manufacturers can easily use it in food, beverages, dietary supplements and pet food. Of note: it does not add any flavor to its application, has zero anti-nutritional factors, and has an irrelevant fat and caloric content.

The Added Benefits of Calcium Extracted From Marine Algae

- 100% Natural

- Organic

- Perfect for Vegans

- Non-GMO

- High Bioavailability

- Over 74 Nutrients which work in synergy

- No chemical additives or other ingredients

- Free from allergens: milk, soy, egg, gluten & lactose

- Sustainable extraction

- Superior extraction practices


Summing Up

Due to various health issues, personal preferences, and consideration for the planet, a vast number of people want to raise their calcium levels intake. And this is where CAIF’s marine calcium, CalGAEATM, comes in.  

[1]. Xu et al. Research progress on applications of calcium derived from marine organisms. Sci Rep 10, 18425 (2020). [2]. The Mayo Clinic (2019). “Boost your calcium levels without dairy? Yes you can!”